A Bar Mitzvah to be remembered in Jerusalem – the City of Gold

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You’re child’s bar mitzvah is a joyful and immensely significant milestone in his life and marks the transition from childhood to becoming an integral part of the Jewish community.

The celebration of this event, demands an equally significant location – and what could be more meaningful that Jerusalem and the Temple Wall. Jerusalem that we remember during Passover, the Day of Atonement, in our marriage vows and throughout the Jewish year, is the eternal spiritual capital of Israel and the perfect place to celebrate your child’s bar mitzvah.

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בר מצווה בכותל המלצות

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בר המצווה של יואב בכותל - בקצב הרוח

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החבילה המושלמת:
  • ,bar mitzva in jerusalem
  • Transportation to and from the Western Wall
  • A tour of the Jewish Quarter and other important Jewish sites in the area accompanied by a qualified tour guide.
  • Led by trumpeting shofars, the bar mitzvah is led into the Western Wall courtyard, followed by his family and friends
  • Restaurants
  • Photographers
  • And any other special requests you may have that will make your day even more special and unique

Arranging your bar mitzvah

Arranging the perfect bar mitzvah is no small task. It demands a lot of coordination between many different factors, people and organizations. There are so many big details to take care of that the smaller, but no less important, can be forgotten. When Windbeat arranges your bar mitzvah, you just have to enjoy the event, knowing that the worry and the stress of arranging everything is being taken care of by the professionals at Windbeat

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